The easiest way to connect with your customers is to place your message where they spend most of their time – on the road. The solution: Radio Taxis. They go everywhere and are on the roads all the time, making them the most visible advertising spaces in the city. The biggest advantage of this medium is that it can get your brand to streets & neighbourhoods where buses & other forms of advertising can’t reach. We introduced advertising on cabs to Pune & Mumbai with major clients. Our regular clients have seen how our moving medium makes them 'the talk of the town'.

Benefits of advertising with TRAVELANTURE

  • We operate 24x7 covering the length and breadth of Mumbai with each cab traveling approximately 200 kilometers daily on major city roads as well as mumbai’s suburbs and neighbouring towns.
  • We have access to a fleet of over 3000 Pluse Cabs in Pune and Mumbai city.
  • The biggest advantage of advertising with TRAVELANTURE is that many of our taxis ply 24 hours in two shifts making your brand visible across the city 24 hours a day, unlike many Radio taxi operators whose cabs run 12 to 14 hours daily.
  • TRAVELANTURE have one of the newest fleets in Call Taxis service.
  • We have our presence at all terminals of Mumbai International Airport which are very premium sites to advertise through Call taxis.
  • Regular advertisers with us have seen how our moving medium makes them 'the talk of the town'. They resonate with their target audience and also complement their brand and products. Brand building to store openings, advertising on cabs has done it all.